The Gourd
The Gourd
The darkness will rise with The Gourd!




180 lbs



Born in:

Parts Unknown

Lives in:

Parts Unknown

Wrestling influences:

Chris Benoit

AJ Styles

Christopher Daniels

Evan Bourne

Kofi Kingston

The Motor City Machine Guns

The Gourd

The Gourd is Jonny 2x4's secret villian alter ego. He wears a gourd on his head and has rubber gloves and evil villian cape. Like Captain Melonhead, Gourd has a sidekick too, Timber the Dark Shard.

Wrestling Career

Gourd appeared about the same time as Captain Melonhead. He claims to be Captain Melonhead's arch enemy and wants to get rid of him. However, the two never see each other eye to eye and they haven't battled. At Still Unbroken during the hardcore championship match, Gourd went out and injured Eric Peterson, who was a competitor for that match. Gourd went on to dominate until December when a masked man, who was later revealed as Eric Peterson, attacked him week after week. At End of Days, the Gourd and Eric wrestled, which Eric won.

Lately these past few months, Gourd has been fighting singles matches.

The Gourd's wrestling influences include Chris Benoit, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, and The Motor City Machine Guns.

Ring Names/Nicknames

  • PCUW's Evil Doer


  • Gourdy Slam (Black Hole Slam)

Entrance Music

  • Blackhole by Dale Oliver (Abyss's theme)