Peach Creek's Ulitmate IMPACT! is an upcoming story written by DanDJohnMLover. It is the planned sequel to the previous story, PCUW: Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling.

Not much is known about the story's major plotlines yet. However, on DanDJohnMLover's Fanfiction.Net page, it is said that the starting plot involves PCUW in a fianacial crisis. It is buried in debt $1,000,000. In order for PCUW to continue on, it must be sold to someone else or it will be shut down for good. However, just as it is about to close, PCUW is contacted by IMPACT! Wrestling, saying that they heard about their company and their fianacial problem, and can help by paying off the debt. But there is one thing they have to do: Join IMPACT! Wrestling. They gladly accept, and PCUW continues on. This is all that is known about this story right now