PCUW World Tag Team Championship
World Tag Team Belts
Current belt design

Current Champions:

Van Culmer and Corey Dominic

When Won:

New Day

When Established:

June 20, 2011

First Champions:

The Tuba Brothers (Ken & Ben)


The PCUW World Tag Team championship was one of the many titles created at the PCUW debut on June 20th, 2011. The Tuba Brothers became the first tag team champions after they defeated the Orange City Blazers. However because they didn't defend the belts within 30 days, the belts were stripped from them. But then at Independence Day in July, they won the vacated belts back after they defeated David and John Williams of the EWO. They lost the titles a month later to Van Culmer and Corey Dominic at the Summerfest pay-per-view. Van and Corey held the belts for two months before losing them to Kevin and Rolf at Halloween Havok. So far, Kevin and Rolf are the longest reigning tag team champions. At New Day, Van and Corey finally won their tag team titles back.


# Tag Team Reign Days held Location Event Notes
1. Ken Tuba & Ben Tuba 1 30 Peach Creek PCUW Debut First ever champions
-- Vacated -- -- Peach Creek July Week 4 The Tuba Brothers vacated the belts after not defending them within 30 days
2. Ken Tuba & Ben Tuba 2 34 Peach Creek Independence Day Won the belts back after defeating David and John Williams
3. Van Culmer & Corey Dominic 1 65 Peach Creek Summerfest
4. Kevin & Rolf 1 242 Peach Creek Halloween Havok
5. Van Culmer & Corey Dominic 2 30+ New York City, New York New Day