Janica Kylie Szantyr
Velvet took this.




148 lbs


January 22, 1995 (Age: 18) New Britian, Connecticut

Billed From:

The Big Apple


Tampa, Florida

Trained By

Velvet Sky

Chris Sabin


November 22nd, 2012

Early Life

For the past few years, Janica (or Janie) has spent a lot of time with her older sister traveling with her to wrestling shows. When she was 15, she had made a decision on what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to become a professional wrestler.

Wrestling Career

Janica just started training for wrestling in December right before she turned 18. On May 5th, she debuted in OVW. Due to her current progress, she may be able to make an Impact Wrestling debut around September or October.

On September 15th at an OVW Live event in Elizabethtown, Kentucky Janica defeated Averylynn Sorensen to become the new OVW Women's champion. Janica and Averylynn faced each other again a few days later on Impact Wrestling when Janica was a Gut Check Contestant. Janica lost after Averylynn hit her with the DDT. On September 20th, she faced the Gut Check judges with Al and Bruce voting no and Taz said yes. She was able to convince the final judge Katie Borden-Jones and therefore became apart of the Impact roster.

On the special Thanksgiving episode of Impact on November 22nd, Janica made her in-ring debut when she called out Christa Sullivan and acting like a heel towards her, letting people know she was a heel. However, she was defeated by Christa after she was taken down by the Swollen Blister.

Personal Life

Janica is the younger sister of former TNA Knockout Velvet Sky. The two are extremely close, but Velvet can sometimes drive Janica crazy.

As of May 24th, Janica is dating Chris Sullivan.

Ring Names/Nicknames

  • Janica Sky (OVW)
  • Janica Star (Impact Wrestling)


  • Faceplant Makeout (Springboard Bulldog)
  • Revenge of Rock (Crossface)

Title Reigns/Accomplishments

  • 1 Time OVW Women's Champion (Current)

Entrance Music

  • Rebel Yell by Drowning Pool