Jack Gregory House




196 lbs



Born in:

New York

Lives in:

Lemon Brook

Wrestling influences:

Matt Morgan, Triple H, Team 3D, Edge, Chris Benoit

Jack HouseEdit

Jack Gregory House is a 6 foot 2, 196 lbs, Brunette who likes his hair cut down to the scalp. His brown eyes reveal a confident, flirty, and loyal to his own cause person, waiting to be unleashed. His wrestling attire is a pair of shorts with an iron skull and crossbones on both sides.

When away from the wrestling ring, you can find him dressed in his grey suit, blue tie, grey dress shoes and fedora waiting for the party to start or at the local gag factory ruins in his workout attire, cleaning up the area for a new gym to be built there. Jack House is not a typical student at Lemon Brook. He trains in the weight-lifting room and fights his brother to enhance his submission style. He is known as the "Iron-Man" of Lemon Brook for his hour long bouts against his brother... and his victory every time. After school on Wednesdays, the brothers use to pull on their classic suits and sunglasses and head out to watch Peach Creek Ultimate Wrestling. Now-a-days, as members of the organization... the brothers spend their days training and waiting to prove they are the best in the business.

Wrestling CareerEdit

Jack just joined PCUW during the fourth week of January with his tag-team partner and brother, Christopher House. Since joining, they won their first match against the Orange City Dragons... with outside inteference from Mitch. At New Year's War, they were the first team eliminated in the Tag Team Turmoil Match, which culminated in the Second City Saints becoming #1 Contenders for Kevin and Rolf's Tag Team titles. He fought Justin Davis the week after Saint Valentine's Day Massacre and lost by disqualification. He's been on hiatus from wrestling since that week. He was in Lhasa, Tibet until recently when he decided to return home to Lemon Brook to either get back in the ring or watch Christopher fight at Independence Day for the Hardcore Title.

Jack's wrestling influences include Matt Morgan, Triple H, Team 3D, Edge, and Chris Benoit.


Jack is the twin brother of Christopher House and the younger brother of Lilian and Velvet House. Their parents ran out on them when Jack and Chris where 10, since then Lilian and Velvet (who were 12 at the time) have basically raised the two to be the best they can be. Both Jack and Chris' God-Parents are never around due to their work schedules (their God-Father is a Bodyguard while their God-Mother is a Surgeon).

  • Parents: Harper House (Dad), Delia House (Mom)
  • Siblings: Christopher House (Twin Brother), Lilian and Velvet House (Older Sisters)
  • God-Parents: Michael Johnson (God-Father), Barbora Albrechtová (God-Mother)

Ring Names/NicknamesEdit

  • The Iron-Man
  • Foresight


  • Crippler Crossface
  • Jacked Up (2 Powerbombs followed by a Jackknife Powerbomb)

Tag Teams/StablesEdit

  • Blackout (On Hiatus)

Title ReignsEdit

  • None so far

Entrance MusicEdit

  • Burn My Light by Mercy Drive (Randy's old theme)
  • Line in the Sand by Motorhead (Blackout's theme)